Sunday, 15 April 2012

Signs of Spring

That's the theme for this fortnight's challenge.....
So think spring and leave us a link in your comment and we will come and see what you have created...all mediums are welcome.. we would love it if you would play along..



Effie & Lynn


Yvonne said...

Here is my entry.

Deborah said...

Here's mine:

Sanity, Politics & Public Service said...

I really enjoyed this one
and I can hardly wait for Spring.
Effie I love your arch...the color pallette is so fresh....perfect.

artwolf2009 said...

Hope you like my very first gothic arch:

Junibears said...

My collage is on my blog. Thank you for your comments.xx

Lynne said...

Here is mine
Thanks for looking.

Connie said...

I just found your blog. This is all so AWESOME! The free ebook is a treasure. Full of so much eye candy and inspiration. Thanks for sharing! I'm going to be back and would love to join a challenge here and there.

Caroline said...

Enjoyed it last time :)
Effie & Lynn... I love your Spring arches!

Here is my entry for the Spring Challenge.

AppleApricot Wen said...

Hello Effie and Lynn, I'd love to join your challenges. I think it's so much fun to make gothic arches. So here's my first one:

Thank you for hosting!

hugs, Wendy

Bella~Rose said...

my entry. Thanks for looking.

Lynne said...

Forgot I'd already done this challenge!
Never mind - here is a digital one.

Selma said...

My Spring entry is HERE if you want to look. Thank you.

salamanda said...

My spring entry is here

Ellen said...

oops I nearly forgot , just in time before the next one is on.

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