Monday 21 June 2010

:::Gothic Arch eBook:::

Gothic Arches - exploring arches through mixed media

I created this eBook last summer, a labor of love that took many hours to create. My hope was to get it published, but with the economy several publishers told me they were cutting back on "paper" type craft books. I have finally compiled and edited the book into a format that I thought might be fun and thus a FREE downloadable eBook was created.

I wish to thank the artists who contributed their work to make this project a success. There are so many that I wished to include (perhaps a second edition) because there are so many talented artists contributing their work. I was unable to compile a few artists work because of time constraints and not getting their information.

I hope you will enjoy this little eBook and find creative inspiration in it!

The book is in pdf format and you will need Adobe in order to view it.

You can download it securely off my web site:
Gothic Arches eBook

Sunday 6 June 2010

:::Open Theme::::

Our theme currently is "Open Theme" for the next few weeks...any style, any shape, any arch! I hope to have a surprise freebie ready for you by the end of this week (if not sooner) that has been a labor or love.