Sunday, 19 October 2008

:::Paper Patchwork:::

Our hostess this week is Cora Harkins and she has selected the theme "Patchwork Paper". Isn't her arch beautiful?!

This arch was inspired by a technique that Kelly Rae Roberts made popular Paper Patchwork. First I cut up strips of patterned paper and pasted them together to make a background. Then I painted over the paper background with acrylic paints. Use a wet sponge to rub off areas of paint to reveal parts of the patterned paper below. Then you add what ever touches you like to the collage. For more details on how I created this arch please see my blog at

Please use this as arch as an inspiration to make your own Paper Patchwork Arch. You can try this technique or create your own look using lots of different patterned papers. I can’t wait to see all of your arches.

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